Wednesday, March 29, 2017

This year, so far!

Oh my, has it really been eight months since I blogged? Yikes! Okay, so here's 2017 so far, in pictures.

In January, Amber sang at her voice teacher's "12th Night" party.
In February, Amber went to Hume Lake Christian Camp for their junior high winter camp. She, once again, snowboarded and loved every minute!
One day, my friend and I took nine kids to the Ventura River bottom to hike and splash around in the very little water the river held at that time. 

"Share Your Pet Day" at the charter school.
"Share Your Pet Day" at the charter school.

"Valentine's Day Party at a friend's house.
"Valentine's Day Party at a friend's house.

In February, I helped throw a surprise party for my friend, Melanie's 40th birthday!

During President's Week break, I took the kids to Santa Barbara to thrift store shop and picnic at the park.

School train trip to Los Angeles to Japantown.
Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Photo booth at a St. Patrick's Day party that Autumn danced at.
Autumn danced with her Irish Dance class at 4 different parties during St. Patrick's Day week!
While hiking at the creek in Casitas Springs, Autumn and Noah rescued some chickens that were wandering in the woods.

In March, we went to a "Hodge Family Reunion" down south.
It was Eric's Uncle John's 70th birthday party. Here's some of the Hodge men.


heidibelle said...

Wow... Your girls are so grown-up! Time is flying. Thanks for your update.

Christine H. said...

You're welcome. I know, they've grown just in the last few months. Though, Amber wished she'd grow more...she wants to be a bit taller. : )

Unknown said...

Wow Amber & Autumn are becoming lovely young ladies! They're doing such cool things too! I'm a bit (maybe a lot) jealous of Autumn's Irish dancing! (At least I think it was Autumn). If I were 50 years younger I'd LOVE to learn that! It's fun to see what you have all even up to!


Christine H. said...

Yes, Irish Dancing is so much fun. Her teacher teaches an adult class. I'm tempted to try it out!