Thursday, April 21, 2016

Spring has Sprung!

"Spring has sprung, The grass has riz, I wonder where the flowers is?"

As much as that anonymous little poem is wrought with grammatical errors, it is a poem that reminds me of childhood. As for the flowers, I know where they are. Ojai Meadows Preserve in Meiner's Oaks is bursting with yellow mustard flowers once again, despite the harsh drought we are experiencing here in Southern California. When the mustard flowers appear, I get out my camera and take the girls to the preserve for the annual photo shoot. The older they get, though, the less they want to pose for the camera. So, I have to take what I get. Still, I got some cuties. Enjoy!


Unknown said...

Beautiful pics of your beauties!

Dawn Luptak

Christine H. said...

Thank you!!!