Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter, Etc.

Ten kids plus one adult plus 160 plastic eggs equals a lot of fun. Yesterday was the annual Hodge Lodge Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt in our backyard.

That was yesterday. This is today. Also a tradition, I take pictures of the girls in their Easter dresses each year in the same spot out front by our dwarf palm bush.

That was today. This was last week. St. Patrick's day! Traditions still abound with mom making green eggs and green milk, etc. for breakfast. The girls compiled their Elf outfits from thrift store finds and their own closets. They wore their outfits to the charter school and went to a party at a friend's house afterward.

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Jeff Frazee said...

Fun! Our easter egg hunt involved three kids hiding eggs and four kids looking for them. There were 15 eggs, and we ate them all. We didn't do anything special for Easter clothes because we're not in our country, around our church. We had an amazing afternoon/diner at our friends house (one of the nicest I've ever been in), and our kids had a great time playing with their two girls... about the same age as your two girls... come to think of it, he's a mechanic. Hey! They're the overseas version of you guys!