Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Lunch for Teddy

My friend, Susan, is visiting us from Thailand and today we took her to downtown Ventura to thrift store shop and go to the museum. As we were leaving the first thrift store, a man standing just outside the door asked us if we had a dollar to give him. I asked him if he was hungry and he said that he was, and so we walked next door to the Mexican restaurant and I ordered the man, Teddy, a burrito. Susan and the girls sat down at a booth and I waited to pay the cashier.

As we waited for the burrito to be made, Teddy told me that he was trying to get some money for two things: a haircut and food. He said, “I got enough money for the haircut and now I can eat. Thank you.” I noticed that he did look like he had just had a haircut, and I appreciated his honesty. He went on to tell me that he was very grateful for the food because he was very nervous about having to get a shot later today for the “voices in his head.” He said his case worker was going to take him to the doctor later and he is afraid of the big needle. I asked him if I could pray for him. He grabbed his burrito and we sat down in the booth with Susan and the girls. I asked if I could lay my hand on his shoulder and he said “yes.” I prayed for Teddy, for his upcoming doctor visit and for peace and then I prayed that he would make wise decisions today.

I said "Amen" and we said our goodbyes to Teddy and proceeded to walk across the street to the next thrift store. We were halfway through the crosswalk when I heard shouting. I turned to see Teddy waving his hands and shouting, “You left your purse! You left your purse!” It turned out that Autumn had left her purse, with her allowance money, in the booth at the restaurant. We walked back across the street and retrieved the purse. I was completely blown away by the fact that Teddy flagged us down and returned the purse, with the money inside. Now it was my turn to thank Teddy. That purse was particularly special to Autumn, one that could not easily be replaced. I was very grateful. As I retold the story to Eric tonight, it dawned on me that God had already answered one of my prayers. Teddy did make the right decision today by returning the purse.