Tuesday, September 2, 2014

First day of school

We started school today. The girls have been begging me for two weeks to begin, so they were very excited when today arrived! Here are a few pictures.

Moving up in the world!



The girls with Mom, their teacher. (Dad teaches math, but he played hookey today and went fishing.!)

The girls and their reading tutor, Joanne, with some of the students they will be in class with a few hours a week.


Unknown said...

Christine, I hate to say this, but one of your girls (I think Amber is your oldest, but I get them confused sometimes) is nearly as tall as you are. Don't they grow up fast? My oldest granddaughter is 9, and she is coming up there on me, too. (It doesn't help that I'm shrinking too.)

Both of your girls are beautiful!

Unknown said...

Oops, forgot to sign my comment above.

Dawn Luptak

Christine Hodge said...

Yes, eventually everyone becomes taller than me. She's already the same height as my sister, I think. And yes, I am shrinking, too. Ugh! I was already shorter, but now I need a step stool to reach half the things in my kitchen! : )
Thanks for your sweet words!