Friday, January 3, 2014

Another use for wine corks!

I've seen wine corks used for so many different things. Recently I thought of another use when I was looking for a trendy and functional way to hang all of our bicycle helmets. I was tired of the helmets getting tossed on the ground after a bike ride, only to be kicked from one place to another until it was time to ride our bikes again. (The helmets always seemed to fall off of our bicycle handlebars, too). Anyway, I made cute hooks with wine corks and long screws.
Using a screwdriver, I screwed a long screw right through the wine cork and into the wood paneling outside our back door.

Once the screw is completely through the cork, you no longer see the screw head and the cork re-shapes itself. So, the screw is invisible! This took all of 10 minutes, and I didn't have top purchase anything for the project!
I love how this looks! It makes me smile when I see all of our helmets hung up so neat and cute.

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