Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Autumn's Lalaloopsy Birthday Party

Autumn turned 8 this weekend! We threw a Lalaloopsy party for her, themed out to the max! Everyone had a wonderful time, but I think I may have had the most fun! Here's lots of Lala-pictures!

The birthday girl, Autumn. We gave her "Teddy Honey Pots" for her birthday and dressed her up to match the doll. We borrowed the pink wig and pieced together her outfit from things she had in her closet!

Autumn and mommy!

Autumn and daddy!
The Lala-guests!

The Lala-cake I made!

The Lala-table. I made the big buttons from dollar-store plates. For the button "holes," I punched out black circles and glued them to the plates.

I made button flowers and placed them in a little flower pot for decoration. I also glued a button the the end of each fork.

We used spools of thread and Autumn's mini Lalaloopsy dolls to decorate the table.

Lala-crafts. The girls colored pictures of Lalaloopsy dolls. They also designed their own Lalaloopsy dolls from a template and made bracelets out of buttons and stretchy string. 

I made this Lala-face and each girl had their picture taken. I will print out the pictures and include them with the "thank you" cards we send.

I made this game: "Pin the Crown on Jewel Sparkles."

After the party, the girls got to take home their crown to use on their own dolls.

Button Toss: each girl got 5 buttons to toss into the bucket.

Another game: Autumn hid Jewel's crown and the girls tried to find it. We also placed buttons around the house and the girls had to find them. The one with the most buttons was the winner.

Lalaloopsy Party Goddy "Bags"

For Autumn's Lalaloopsy birthday party, I wanted to give the guests a goddy "bag" of handmade items that they would appreciate and use for a long time, rather than a bag of cheap toys that would break or be tossed aside a week later. Because I make jewelry and body care products, I happened to have almost all of the supplies on hand. I recruited my two daughters to help make the gifts, which was a lot of fun for them! Here's what we created:

We mixed up lip balm and poured it in tubes with bright-colored caps. Then we placed Lalaloopsy stickers on the tubes .

We also placed a button sticker on the top of the lip balm caps.

We gathered buttons with large holes and made hair ties.
Using a kit and some Lalaloopsy stickers, we made necklaces for each girl.

We punched out circles, then made the button "holes" by dipping the end of a new pencil eraser in a black ink pad. Then we taped the "buttons" to lollipops.

We dipped the end of a new pencil eraser in a black ink pad and made button "holes" on Trader Joe's honey peppermint patties.
We placed all of the goodies in a mason jar, closed the lid with button fabric and tied a Lalaloopsy marker to each jar. Don't they look SEW cute?

Monday, November 4, 2013


October is my FAVORITE month! Here's why...

My birthday is in October! The girls made me breakfast in bed: toast, strawberries and "Happy B.Day" cut out of fruit leather! They are so creative!

Boccali Pumpkin Patch: a Hodge tradition that dates back to the first year Eric & I were married.

Found: The perfect Pumpkins!

Carving pumpkins the old-fashioned way with a pencil and a knife. No frills, but a lot of fun!

Two cats, a turkey and a traditional Jack-o-lantern.

Harvest-time crafts! We gathered fall leaves and dipped them in old candle wax to preserve them. They are hanging outside our front door.


After reading the books, Amber's idea was for the family to dress up as Chronicles of Narnia characters, specifically "The Voyage of the Dawn Treader." Amber was her favorite character, Reepicheep. Autumn was Aslan, and Eric was Prince Caspian, of course! (I was the Mist girl who falls in love with Prince Caspian.)