Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Rain Dance

We are in a drought here in Ojai. It hasn't seriously rained since January. Everything is dry and brittle and hot. For the first time in about 100 years, our friend's well in Upper Ojai is completely dry, leaving them to carry in their drinking water and take showers at a friend's house down the hill. To top it off, every time the weather forecast shows rain in the future, we never see a drop of it. That's why I was oh-so-skeptical when Eric said that it was supposed to rain this morning starting at midnight. It didn't. I told the girls that when it does rain, I will dance around outside in the rain with my shorts and t-shirt.

Well, a few minutes ago, Amber came running out of her bedroom announcing that it was raining hard outside. She grabbed the camera and I went outside and started to dance. Unfortunately, as our luck would have it, my dance was cut short when it immediately stopped raining! Can you believe it? I'll have to put on my dancing flip flops again when we get more rain, if we ever do!