Thursday, August 22, 2013

Our Summer in Pictures

Our summer isn't quite over with yet. We will start school September 3. The girls are super excited to start school again, and I am as well. I felt better this summer than last, and so our summer was more full than in the past years. We still had plenty of days where we just sat inside the cool house and relaxed. Amber read several books and Eric and I read a few. Autumn listened to many books on tape. Here's a snapshot of the fun things we did this summer...

My dad (and my sister) flew into Ojai for Father's Day. Here's a picture of the 3 dads.

Eric and I (and our bicycles) took the train from Ventura to San Luis Obispo for 5 days for our 17th wedding anniversary. We stayed in a cute B&B and rode our bikes all around downtown, shopping at every thrift store in the area.

My sister, Deborah, took the girls to Denver while Eric and I were on our trip. They stayed there for a week and then I went to get them and stayed for another week. We hit all of the garage sales and thrift stores in the nearby area, having to take home an extra carry-on of junk, I mean treasures!

While in Colorado, Autumn learned how to swim once and for all. Yay!

The girls went to Horse Camp for 2 weeks this summer! They, of course, LOVED it!

I taught 5 inner-city Anaheim girls how to make lip balm and shower scrub. They were staying at my friend's house in Ojai for a week, attending Horse Camp.

I said good-bye to a very special friend, Lindsey, who moved to Texas with her husband. I've been mentoring this wonderful girl since she was a freshman in high school. I will greatly miss our coffee dates. I also said good-bye to two more of my closest friends: Lori just moved a short distance to Santa Barbara and Danielle moved to San Rafael (in the bay area). Oh how I miss them, but I feel blessed to have friends I can miss so much!

We had a Teddy Bear Picnic with our new friend, Melia.

Eric and I went to his 20th High School Reunion in Santa Barbara. I think I had more fun at his reunion than at my own!

Autumn went to a Princess Party!

We went with our friends to watch them bow hunt for deer. Eric brought along his gun and bagged a rabbit for stew! (Our friends didn't get a deer, though.)

Papa Hodge took the girls to the Ventura County Fair! Their favorite thing was watching the piglet races.

The next day, the girls and some neighbor friends made a replica of the fair out of recycles items. They were very creative!

The family went crawdad hunting at a nearby creek and brought home a bucket of crawdads (crayfish). We had fun videoing our neighbor's cat interacting with one of the crawdads. (Yes, he did get pinched once on the nose!)

The whole family, and Papa Hodge, spent the weekend at a cabin in Forest Falls owned by Eric's Uncle Steve. (Near Big Bear Lake.) The girls loved playing in the loft!

We took some neat pictures at "the ruins," the remnants of a cabin that burned down many, many years ago. In this picture, we are sitting on one of the few remains, a kitchen oven. We found artifacts there, too: broken pieces of china, milk glass and part of a stove burner.

We made many crafts. What did you do with your summer?