Saturday, December 28, 2013

Swimming with the Dolphins

We just got back from Cancun at 1:30 this morning. Eric's dad treated the whole family to a Mexican Christmas (more about that later). I have lots of unpacking and loads of laundry to do, so it may be awhile before I post about our vacation. However, I just couldn't wait to show you some pictures of our favorite thing we did in Mexico.

Amber, Autumn and I swam with two adorable dolphins. The dolphins took us on rides and we got to hug and kiss them. They even pushed us up out of the water! With one dolphin behind each leg, their noses (rostrums) pushed the back of each foot and gave us a ride up to the water's surface. The straighter we held our legs, the longer the ride. The famous "foot push" was our favorite part of the adventure. Amber laughed the whole time during the foot push. Autumn was very serious, trying to follow the instructions so she could get a proper ride. I was taken by surprise and screamed with delight the whole time. The photographer got it all on film. Check out our photos below.

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Emilka said...

incredible pictures! :)