Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Lalaloopsy Party Goddy "Bags"

For Autumn's Lalaloopsy birthday party, I wanted to give the guests a goddy "bag" of handmade items that they would appreciate and use for a long time, rather than a bag of cheap toys that would break or be tossed aside a week later. Because I make jewelry and body care products, I happened to have almost all of the supplies on hand. I recruited my two daughters to help make the gifts, which was a lot of fun for them! Here's what we created:

We mixed up lip balm and poured it in tubes with bright-colored caps. Then we placed Lalaloopsy stickers on the tubes .

We also placed a button sticker on the top of the lip balm caps.

We gathered buttons with large holes and made hair ties.
Using a kit and some Lalaloopsy stickers, we made necklaces for each girl.

We punched out circles, then made the button "holes" by dipping the end of a new pencil eraser in a black ink pad. Then we taped the "buttons" to lollipops.

We dipped the end of a new pencil eraser in a black ink pad and made button "holes" on Trader Joe's honey peppermint patties.
We placed all of the goodies in a mason jar, closed the lid with button fabric and tied a Lalaloopsy marker to each jar. Don't they look SEW cute?

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Ruth said...

Amazing! What a wonderful party that will be remembered for years to come! Great ideas and detail! Hope you had a great time with your dad as well. ;-)