Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Lessons in the Fault Lines

At about 7:35 this morning, I was lying awake in bed, trying to get a few more of the proverbial "winks" before starting the day. Eric and the girls were already up, eating breakfast and starting on their math assignments. I closed my eyes once more and then I felt the bed shake, like someone had rammed into it. I thought that was odd, checked for large animals, and wondered if a space shuttle or rocket had landed at Edwards Air Force Base, about 110 minutes from Ojai. The space shuttle sometimes lands there and we can feel the earth shake as the shuttle meets the ground. I had meant to ask Eric if he had felt anything but forgot as I started my day. Later, a friend told me that there was a 4.8 earthquake off the coast of Santa Barbara, less than an hour from Ojai. That explains it.

I was thinking about the earthquake again this afternoon. For me, the quake was a not-so-subtle reminder of how little control we have over this earth, over our lives. We may think we have control, and we may do things to try to gain control, but this earth, our lives, are in control of the One who made us, the One who created the earth. I would do well to remember that the next time I try to plan out my life.

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