Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Hodge Humor

As we ate lunch, Amber said this:
"I'd rather go to the library than Disneyland. I LOVE the library! Ah, the smell of fresh books!"
Maybe this doesn't belong in the "humor" category because she was serious.

I saw a torn-up check on the coffee table where Eric was working on his work budget. He said it was a voided check, and Amber said, "Is that one of those bouncing checks?"

We were driving in the car, garage sale-ing, and we passed a sign, and the street, of another garage sale.
I said, "We just missed one. Let's turn around."
Eric said, "Let's just skip one garage sale."
Amber said, "Dad, when we're on the boat, you don't just skip one of your fishing spots."
As convincing as that argument was, he still didn't turn the car around.

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