Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Amber learns Archery

Our Brave 9-year-old daughter, Amber, loves, loves, loves the movie "Brave" and everything about it! She and Autumn received the DVD from Papa Gow for Christmas. She asked, and received, a Brave doll for Christmas. She was Merida for Halloween (in fact, we were the whole Brave family). This summer, after seeing the movie, she made a small bow. Then she made a bigger bow from a perfect piece of wood we found in Cambria in December. She often is seen walking around the house, outside, anywhere we will let her, with her curly red wig and her bow over one shoulder. So it was no surprise when she announced that she wanted to take archery lessons. We told her she had to buy a bow and arrow first and we'd go from there. She worked on the boat with Eric all day one day, earned some money and bought a wooden bow and arrows. She also bought, with her own money, a bale of hay and Eric painted a target on it. She's been practicing every chance she can get now. She'll even get up early, bundle up and go outside and shoot some arrows before breakfast and school. I (Christine) have been wanting to take archery lessons for some time, and so the next step is buying me an arrow and signing us both up for lessons. What fun!

The bow Amber made from wood we found on vacation.

Amber's own bow and arrow set, bought with her own money.

Ready, aim...


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