Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A BRAVE family

For Halloween tonight, we were the family from the new Disney movie, Brave.  The entire ensemble for the whole family cost under $20. Awesome!

Amber as Merida. She created her entire outfit. She bought the dress, shoes and belt at at thrift store for $6 total. She and Eric made the bow. The wig cost $6, but we used an Amazon gift card and got it free!

Autumn as Angus, Merida's horse. She used Amber's costume from a few years ago, which we bought for $4 at a thrift store.

Christine as Queen Elinor. The dress was bought at a yard sale for $2. The crown was the only thing we bought retail, it was a mere $2.

Eric as King Fergus. Yes, he is wearing a ladies' skirt (what a good sport)! I bought the skirt for $3 at a consignment store. I made the hat out of tin foil and the sword was from my old pirates costume. The bag in front is a reused gift bag.

Monday, October 1, 2012

What a sight!

Tonight I walked in the girls' room to say good night, and I caught Amber reading Autumn a bedtime story. There aren't many things more precious than this...

Young Life--10 Years in Ojai

Yesterday we went to an old-fashioned western carnival to celebrate Young Life Ojai Valley's 10-Year Anniversary!!! Eric and I have been volunteer leaders with Young Life for the past five years and I have written many stories and posted many pictures on my blog about the adventures we've had with this amazing teen ministry. Here's some photos of the fun day yesterday.

We love Young Life!

Ballerina Autumn!

Cowgirl Amber!

Christine & Autumn having an identity crisis!

Amber rode the zip line! Autumn wanted to, also, but the line was too long and the time ran out.

Eric's dad, Bob, rode the zip line, too!