Monday, August 20, 2012

The family that reads together

I went into the kitchen just now to get some water, and it was unusually quiet. My daughters were in the homeschool room, quietly reading. Autumn was looking at a sign language book and Amber was perusing the pages of a geography textbook. They both can't wait for school to start.

At the beginning of July, when our new history curriculum arrived by UPS, Amber wanted to start school right then and there (history being her favorite subject). Then a few weeks ago when Autumn's math curriculum arrived by mail, she begged Eric to start teaching her math. Eric--enjoying his summer too much--turned her down. 

I'm looking forward to the start of school, too. These past few weeks, as I've felt able, I've been in my office photocopying, on the computer doing prep work and giving the homeschool room a makeover. We're introducing three new subjects this year. Amber will be in 4th grade and Autumn, a first-grader.

Amber's reading has taken off this summer, thanks to her dyslexia tutor. She's read more than 16 small books, earning her two free books from Barnes and Noble. The bookstore has a summer reading program that awards kids with a free book for every eight books they read. Amber is scrambling to try to read a few more books so she can earn one more free book.

Both the girls participated in the summer reading program at the Ojai Library, too. Each child that completed the program (reading, being read to or listening to books on tape) got their name in a drawing for a $20 Barnes and Noble gift card. Guess who won? Autumn!

Our summer has been full of books, books and more books. I even finished reading a large novel and am working on another one. And Eric--well--he reads a book about every week.

Have you read any good books lately?

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


I am wearing jeans. I am most happy when I am wearing jeans. I LOVE wearing jeans! Why am I wearing jeans in the dead of summer? We are heading out the door to watch Eric's employee, Darren, drive his car in a demolition derby at the Ventura County Fair. I am so excited!!! Well, we're off...