Friday, June 1, 2012


Today is our 16th wedding anniversary! Woo hoo! It has been one incredible adventure that just keeps getting wilder and greater and more special with each passing year. Today I was thrift store shopping with my girls and I saw these button pins that read "I Love My Husband" and "I Love My Wife." So, I bought them and have been proudly wearing my button all day. I love my husband more deeply than I can put into words.

Lately, my love for him has enlarged as I've experienced him take care of me during some really rough times of headaches and sickness that I just can't seem to shake. He works all day, comes home and often has to take care of me and the girls without rest. And without complaint. He is living out our marriage vows in a real way.

In 11 days (not that I'm counting), Eric and I will take the train (and our bicycles) to San Luis Obispo for 5 days to celebrate 16 years. Okay, I am counting. I can't wait!

That was then.
This is now!


What has Amber been up to lately? Well, for starters, she turned 9 last month and I failed to blog about it (bad mama!). She also completed a beautiful quilt with her sewing teacher. To top it all off, she had a street in Ojai named after her (okay, maybe the street was there before Amber was born, but we like to think they named it after such a darling girl).
To think, they named a street after my daughter!

Amber in the hat that we got her for her birthday.

Another birthday present from a friend. Amber dressed to match her new doll.

Amber & her art/sewing teacher, Miss Rie.

The quilt Amber made. Beautiful!


Autumn has been a busy little bee these past few weeks. She lost her 4th tooth, learned how to tie her shoes (which took all of 10 minutes!) and learned the beginning basics of sewing, which her mama taught her. Yes, you read that correctly--I taught her how to thread a needle, sew a button and make a little teddy bear. I don't know what came over me, but I can assure you that it will never happen again!


Button eyes.

The finished bears!

PRACTICE with Daddy.

This is easy!

What an accomplishment!

Here comes the Tooth Fairy!