Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas movies are my favorite

I am a sucker for Christmas movies. I’ve probably seen every Christmas movie that was ever made, especially those cheesy Hallmark or Lifetime made-for-t.v. Christmas specials. I’ve seen them all, thanks to Netflix. I don’t even have to wait for the holidays to watch Christmas movies. I can view them any time of the year. And I do. Watching Christmas videos during the summer is fun because for 90 minutes or so, I am transformed from hot Ojai to cold Minnesota or Chicago or New York where it is always snowing and everyone seems happy about that.

I really like watching cheesy Christmas movies during late-November and December, when Ojai finally cools off. Not only do I like the cold weather that comes with Christmas, but I love the whole package--literally. I love the decorations and the trees and the lights and the shiny presents with big bows. Christmas movies deliver all of that. I mean, where else are you going to find presents wrapped with gold paper and tied off with huge, red bows?

Just about every Christmas movie starts out the same—people of all ages are bustling about with smiles on their faces, getting along with everyone as they decorate their homes or shop windows. Deck the halls or Jingle Bells is always playing somewhere in the background and there is snow, lots of snow. (Ever wonder why Hollywood never makes a Christmas movie based in Hollywood?)

Bad acting? No problem. It doesn’t even bother me most of the time. As long as I feel warm and fuzzy when the movie is over, I’m good. I mean, every Christmas movie ends with something unimaginable happening, like it snows in a place where it hasn’t snowed in decades, or a homeless kid finds a family to be a part of, or (my favorite) two people who just met a week earlier fall in love and walk down the aisle. Someone gets their job back. Some kid gets a new mom or a new dad or a new puppy.  

Maybe that’s another reason why I love Christmas movies. I love the hope that is portrayed among the cheesy lines and bad acting.

I love Christmas movies!

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