Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A BRAVE family

For Halloween tonight, we were the family from the new Disney movie, Brave.  The entire ensemble for the whole family cost under $20. Awesome!

Amber as Merida. She created her entire outfit. She bought the dress, shoes and belt at at thrift store for $6 total. She and Eric made the bow. The wig cost $6, but we used an Amazon gift card and got it free!

Autumn as Angus, Merida's horse. She used Amber's costume from a few years ago, which we bought for $4 at a thrift store.

Christine as Queen Elinor. The dress was bought at a yard sale for $2. The crown was the only thing we bought retail, it was a mere $2.

Eric as King Fergus. Yes, he is wearing a ladies' skirt (what a good sport)! I bought the skirt for $3 at a consignment store. I made the hat out of tin foil and the sword was from my old pirates costume. The bag in front is a reused gift bag.


Holly Jackson said...

That is so cute.
Great job on all of them. I bet they had a fun time dressing up.

Unknown said...

Great costumes! Looks like you all had fun! And yes, Eric was a good sport to wear a skirt!

Unknown said...

Oops, the anonymous comment above was me - Dawn Luptak!!