Saturday, September 15, 2012

Long Day

This morning we woke up at 6:30, headed out the door an hour later, and drove way up the coast for a family day of fishing on the boat and boogie boarding on the beach. I could write at least three stories (which I plan to do soon) about our adventure. Until then, here's the highlights of our long day.

~ We got a flat tire on our boat trailer on the way up. (We were just outside of Ojai.) Ten minuted later, we were on the road again.

~ Eric, the girls and Taylor (he lives with us) caught 137 pounds of  rock fish! I stayed on the beach and caught up on reading.

~ I broke my little toe while boogie boarding. (Yes, I really broke it.) My foot slammed up against a big, hidden rock as I attempted to ride a wave in.

~ On the way back, about 30 minutes from home, we ran out of gas. (It wasn't Eric's fault, but that's another story.) I walked with the girls three blocks with a broken toe to a coffee shop while Eric got the truck running again.

~ Sitting outside of coffee shop, we met a homeless man, bought him food and talked with him for awhile.

~ Also while at the coffee shop (we were there two hours), we saw our friends who were meeting family for a birthday celebration at a nearby restaurant. They went across the street and bought us some dinner and brought it back to us so we wouldn't miss seeing Eric when he drove by.

~ Eric slipped while working on the car and has a big, purple bruise on his knee to match the purple bruise on my toe. 

~ Despite, and even because of the events listed above, we had a fun day. We witnessed God's hand and His protection in so many ways today. I am excited to write some stories. But first I must get some sleep. It's been a long day!


Michele said...

Wow, you weren't kidding! Can't wait to hear all the stories.

Christine H. said...

I've written one, but need to do some revision before I post it. Thanks for reading!!

Michele said...

I love reading your stories!