Friday, May 18, 2012

Science Experiment Gone...Too Good?

I was recently reminded of a science experiment that I did when I was in grade school in Arizona: The Egg Drop Experiment. Each student got to pack up a raw egg and see if it would survive being thrown off of the roof. We could pack the egg in whatever materials we wanted. Some eggs survived the drop. Others didn't.

So we decided to do The Egg Drop Experiment. Armed with newspaper, rags, socks, containers, duct tape and even fruit, we each wrapped our egg and packaged it in a way that we thought would protect the fragile shell. Eric's dad was visiting and so he got in on the experiment, too. One by one, Eric dropped all five eggs off of the roof and--believe it or not--each egg survived the fall! Then comes the part where the teacher (me) asks the students (our girls) what they learned. When I did the experiment in school, I learned what materials protect an egg more than others, etc. There wasn't a whole lot to learn from this experiment. Dead silence.

Then Eric said, "You know, I bet when you did the experiment in school they used commercial eggs. We used eggs from our chickens. Our egg shells are much tougher because the eggs are fresh and organic."

Well, I guess there was a lesson to be learned in all of this, after all. Now I'm going to go make an omelet. 
Christine's egg in an avocado

Autumn packing her egg in socks.

Autumn's egg packed in socks and protected by her old knee pads. 

Amber's Egg packed inside a bunch of rags and a plastic bag, complete with a parachute.

Papa Hodge's egg inside a grapefruit.

Eric's egg packed with brown paper and nestled inside an old thermos.

Eric dropping the eggs.

Christine's egg survived!

Amber is very happy that her egg survived!

Autumn's egg drop was a success, also.

Papa's egg survived the drop.

And, Eric's egg was fine. Christine was happy because she got to put the eggs back in the fridge to use for the next day's breakfast!

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