Sunday, January 29, 2012

Why I haven't blogged

Happy New Year!

It's been a crazy month here at the Hodge Lodge. In just the first 3 weeks of the new year, the following has happened (that kept me on my toes and off my blog):

- We realized that we could no longer put off putting on a new roof. So, we had our old roof replaced. Cha ching! (that's the sound of our money going into someone else's pocket)
- That same weekend we had a heater mishap and went without heat for 2 days and had to call the repairman. Cha ching!
- The next day Eric and Amber got the flu (or food poisoning).
- A week later Autumn fell into the picnic bench at the park and had to have six stitches right below her eyebrow. The trip through the ER door will cost us a pretty penny, as we have a very high insurance deductible. Cha ching!
- The next morning, I came down with a cold (probably from the 3-hour hospital stay the day before).
- A few days after that, one of our chickens, Lighty Flighty, died of unknown causes.

So here I am, catching my breath and enjoying the quiet of a Sunday afternoon. And blogging--finally!

Autumn (who was the bravest child I know) is doing fine and her wound healed nicely! We are all well! We have a new roof, and heat! It is a beautiful day today and we are enjoying what God has given us.

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