Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween at the Hodge Lodge

For Halloween this year, Amber decided that she wanted to be Jessie from Toy Story 3. Autumn wanted to be Slinky Dog. Amber made her costume, with the help of her art teacher, Miss Rie. First, they painted black cow spots on white flannel for the chaps. Then they sewed the rest of the costume. I made Autumn's costume, but I did not do any sewing. To quote Amber, "The person who invented fabric glue saved my mom's life!" Um, maybe that's a little too dramatic. Anyway, we went costume roller skating with Young Life tonight. Eric and I were a 70s couple. Enjoy the pics!

School Stories


Today Autumn was on the letter V in school. She was coloring a picture of vegetables. I said, "What do we call these?" pointing to the picture. She didn't answer. I said, "What do we call carrots and potatoes and beets?" Autumn quickly said, "The CSA box." (It's a box of organic veggies we get each week). I said, "Yes, but what do we call the things in the CSA box?" Autumn said, "Carrots and potatoes and beets." I finally had to tell her they were vegetables. She sighed. "Oh, yeah, vegetables!"


In history today, Amber learned of a civilization in the Indus Valley called Mohenjo-daro. The city was abandoned in 19th century BC and was not rediscovered until 1922. She had to write a story answering the question, "What happened to Mohenjo-daro?" Here's Amber's story:

One morning, the people in the city of Mohenjo-daro woke up. They decided they would move away to Africa to seek their fortune. But before they could do it, a king tried to rule and conquer the city. Not just that happened, but a huge tornado came. A big, huge invention appeared in an inventors back yard. It was a big, huge helicopter. The helicopter was there to save the people of Mohenjo-daro. And that is the reason why they left.

Cocka-doodle-doo and other chicken stories

If it looks like a rooster and crows like a rooster, it's a rooster!

This morning, when we heard crowing outside our window, our suspicions were confirmed. We have another rooster. This time it was my chicken, Nutmeg. When we got the baby chicks, we all chose one to name. Kind-of prophetic--don't you think--that I named my chicken a kitchen spice since he's going to end up on the dining room table in the near future. We'll have to take him back to our friends who gave us the chickens. And then there were three...

Reverse discrimination in the chicken coop

We are chicken-sitting for our friend whose house flooded. Her chicken is a small white bantam. She's the only white chicken among the darker hens that we have. We call her Snow White. Several weeks ago when we introduced Snow White to the other chickens, they wanted nothing to do with her. They weren't violent with her. They just ignored her. When Snow White goes into the roosting box, the other chickens come out and when the other chickens go in, Snow White comes out. One evening I had forgotten to put away the chickens, so I went outside to round them up. They had already put themselves to bed, but Snow White was sleeping outside the coop. I can only imagine that they wouldn't let her in. And then there's the sleeping arrangements. When we peek inside the roosting box, all five chickens are on the bar, asleep. However, the four darker hens sleep side-by-side on the bar and Snow White is all the way over at the other end, by herself and facing the opposite direction! I hope she's not developing a complex!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Cleaning & eating greens...what will they do next?

My girls never cease to amaze me. Today, I was cleaning the white board during school and Autumn said, "Let's clean the whole house today, Mommy." I said that we actually were going to clean the bathrooms today. She said, with a lot of enthusiasm, "Yes, Mommy! Thank you so much!" I didn't know cleaning the bathrooms could be so fun.

Last night, Eric was cutting up rainbow chard to steam for a snack. Amber said, "Chard? You're cooking chard? Can I have some, please?" Of course, Eric obliged. As Amber was eating her greens, she said, "I just know this is--like--so healthy for me."

A few days ago I was washing dishes and Amber and Autumn came running into the house. They had been picking up little pieces of trash all over our front and back yard. With excitement, Amber said, "Mom, we have the best idea! We want to go around the neighborhood and pick up all of the trash we see on the sidewalk. Can we do that this Saturday, please? We don't have school Saturday." Eric actually took them out that evening, after dinner. They walked a few blocks and only found an aluminum can. They had a great time anyway.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

First Signs of Fall

-- My house is all decorated for the harvest season! I did that yesterday.
-- I have a pumpkin spice candle burning in my living room.
-- There's a huge batch of granola in the oven and the smell wafting through the house is even better than the candle. The girls and I made the granola during school today.
-- There's zucchini bread in the freezer from my big baking day last week.
-- I'm going to make homemade hot chocolate later.
Sulphur Shelf Mushrooms
(chicken of the woods) grow on trees.
-- The girls and I went on a nature walk in the crisp, cold weather this morning. (I'll post about that later.)
-- The leaves are changing color.
-- I'm wearing a sweater and jeans. I love wearing jeans! That probably explains why I have 8 pairs.
-- I have crafts galore just ready and waiting for those rainy days when we'll be indoors. (or dry days)
-- Mushroom hunting season is coming up. (see picture)
-- Lobster season just started!
-- And let's not forget the birthday, Halloween, Eric's birthday, Autumn's birthday, Thanksgiving and Christmas!!!!!!!!

Oh yeah...I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this time of year!