Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter 2011

I never knew I could add a link to Snapfish from my blog. Cool! We celebrated Easter today (since I was in bed with the flu last weekend). I took lots of pictures of the girls in their Easter dresses this morning, and then after school we had a big Easter Egg Hunt in the backyard with the neighborhood girls. It's an annual tradition at our house. The girls had a blast and after the hunt we made purses out of empty tissue boxes. Check out the photos at this link...

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Monday, April 25, 2011


There are so many things I want to blog about, but I've been in bed for 3 days solid with a nasty flu and horrible headache. Still, I want to post this before going back to bed because I don't want to forget--in the years to come--how blessed we were by one person whom God placed in our lives at the exact moment we needed him.

We have a friend of ours living in our back yard in a tent (that's how he wanted it). His name is Taylor and he is 23 years old and responsible far beyond his years. He's been here for three weeks, I think, and will be here three more weeks until he goes on a short-term adventure to Indonesia. The deal was that he would live here, rent-free, and help us out every once in a while around the house and babysit the girls (who adore him) a few times. In his first week here, he had already filled his end of the bargain.

First of all, he loves our girls. He actually spends his time off work sometimes just playing with them in the front yard. He makes up riddles for them to solve and sent them on a hunt in the back yard to find a hidden treasure. In the evenings, when he comes home from work and we are in the living room playing a game as a family, he asks if he can join in. He teaches the girls about the great outdoors and even reads to them. And yes, he has even sat through more than one of their silly videos.

Last week, Taylor planted a vegetable garden with the girls. This was a huge blessing because Eric's dad usually does this each year but this year he has to take care of his wife who is dying. I almost cried as I saw the three of them digging and planting and Taylor educating them about horticulture, which is one of his specialties. When someone delights in my children, not because they have to or they are being paid to, it touches the deepest place in my heart.

Just now, Taylor took the girls on an outing with him to do some painting at Eric's new shop. This was a blessing to me because I don't have the energy to do anything with them today. Over the past few weeks, Taylor has been getting off work in the early afternoons and just hanging out with the girls. This also has been a huge blessing to me because I've been battling with headaches more often than not lately and it's nice to know there's someone keeping an eye on them while I rest.

Eric has been blessed, also. He has enjoyed having another male in the house (yes, he sometimes does feel outnumbered). Eric and Taylor have had some great, long talks in the evenings. And I could write a separate blog post about their culinary creations. Those two can cook up a gourmet meal!

We sure are going to miss Taylor when he leaves for Indonesia, not because of what he does for us, but because of how he has blessed us by just being himself. He has become a member of our family and I thank God for placing him in our lives.

Thursday, April 14, 2011


I've made a few cute cakes lately. The first one was for Amber's early birthday party with her cousins when they were visiting a few weeks ago. (Amber turns 8 on Sunday!) It was a horse themed party. The second picture is of the cupcakes I decorated for a baby shower I hosted Tuesday for two of the moms in the homeschool group who are having boys.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I've been wanting to post these pictures for a few months--better late than never. Here's what my family has been up to lately:

We discovered early on that Amber was naturally good at drawing and art. In January, she started taking weekly art lessons from our friend, Rie. Amber made me a really cool valentine with a drawn sketch of her and her sister. It was quite good. We're running out of space to hang her art!

Autumn fell in love with bicycle riding a few months ago. She can't get enough of it. Now she does tricks on her bike. She's a better bike rider than the rest of us! We may have a new "Corey Coffey" on our hands.

Last month, Amber watched some ladies hula hoop at a restaurant. She tried it, loved it, and then saved her money and bought a nice hula hoop that lights up. For weeks, that's all she did . She is quite good at the sport.

Eric's hair is now long enough to go into a pony tail. I love it!

Eric and I recently perfected a recipe for laundry detergent using melted bars of the glycerin soap we make. It is going to save us so much money.

We're going even greener than were: using cloth napkins now. Last week we ran out of paper napkins, then paper towels. I was in bed for days, so I couldn't go to the store and the girls started using dish towels for napkins. Amber said, "We should do this from now on and save on paper and save money, too." (That's my girl!) I remembered being gifted two sets of cloth napkins and then I found another set I had bought on clearance. Now we have 22 cloth napkins and we save about $6 a month. We also save another $10 or so a month because I got down to using only 2 rolls of paper towels each month. We have lots of hand towels and I decided to stop reaching for the paper towels every time I need to wipe up something.

That's what we've been up lately.

Hodge Humor

Lately my daughters have been saying some funny and adorable things. (The best one is at the bottom--pun intended)

Amber said to me: "I love laughing around you, because you are so joyful." (3-13-11)

Amber and Autumn were in the tub taking a bath and Amber said, "Come here, Mom... Autumn gave her heart to Jesus. I showed her how."
I said, "I don't know if she really understands what that means."
Amber said, "Well, she said everything I told her to say. And I showed her how to get baptized. Watch..."
Autumn held her nose and went under the water.
Amber said, "See, now she knows how to be baptized when she wants to." (3-13-11)

I was talking to Eric about how I never have any cash in my purse and I have to use my debit card a lot. Amber--in her usual generous way--said, "I have 93 cents you can have." (3-22-11)

We were looking at pictures in school and Autumn said, "That's a hair balloon." (hot air balloon) (3-23-11)

I was showing Amber my new essential oils and she smelled one and said, "I don't like euca lipstick." (eucalyptus) (3-27-11)

We were talking about food and nutrition and Amber said, "McDonalds and places like that are the worst places to eat."
Then she continued, "Also the place with the clown."
I said, "Jack-in-the-Box?"
She said yes and said, "And the king's crown place."
I said, "Burger King?" She said yes.
I think it's awesome that my girls don't even know the names of some of the fast food restaurants. (3-23-11)

This one is my favorite.It happened today: Background: The other day Amber informed me that out butts are also called our bums (as if I didn't know). I informed her that a bum is also a negative name for someone who doesn't work. Amber informed me that another name for a person who doesn't work is a "hobo." (I have no idea where she comes up with these things.)
So, this morning I was putting on my jeans and snagged my fingernail and said, "Ouch."
Autumn said, "Did you hurt your hobo?"
I said, "My what?"
She said, "Your hobo. You know, your hobo is your butt." (4-6-11)