Thursday, March 17, 2011

Green Week

St. Patrick's Day-themed Young Life was at our house on Monday night, complete with "pass the buttered hot potato" (a real one) and decorate the leprechaun (pictured above).

One of the older homeschool girls taught Amber how to crochet on Tuesday. Amber bought this fun, green yarn at a yard sale and made belts and hair ties all week. Amber has caught on quickly and will have another "lesson" next Tuesday!

Our family is "going green" by doing more bicycling. A few months ago Autumn fell in love with bike riding and a few days ago Eric bought a bike. Now we are looking for a bike for Christine.

Traditional "Green Eggs and Ham" (or sausage this year) and green milk for breakfast. The little leprechaun helps mommy make green food every year on March 17. This year, Autumn said, "He's not real!" as if we all didn't know that!

Amber picked out these matching green shirts at a thrift store on Tuesday. She couldn't wait to wear them today! Aren't they cuties?!!!

St. Patrick's Day fun with leftover shaving cream from Monday night. It was a fun, fun day!!
Happy St. Patrick's Day and "Top of the Evening" to you!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Classroom changes

My headaches are gone (I didn't post about it because I sent out an email). In their place, I have renewed energy. Those of you who know me well, know what that means--organization central! And so, I have been working on little projects over the past 10 days. Eric told me to pace myself, so I did--until Saturday when I bought this cute little book rack at a garage sale for $15. I had been looking for one for three years, ever since we started homeschooling. However, the cheapest one I could find cost $100. I gave up my search and was delighted to find this Saturday at a little garage sale It has two sides and a lot of room for books.

I didn't buy it right away, rather I went home, surveyed my dining room and determined if it would fit. I returned at 2:00, thinking that it would be gone. When it wasn't, I knew it was "meant to be." So, I came home and "had to" juggle around the furniture, moving the big bookcase out of the homeschool room and into the dining room to make room for the new addition. Then--of course--I had to do some more organizing and re-decorating and by Sunday night I had fulfilled my longing to organize something.

Now, doesn't that look like a fun classroom?

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Milking a goat

I've always wanted to milk a cow. It's on my top ten list of things I want to do before I die. Well, I decided to settle for a goat and during my recent trip to Indiana, I got to milk Juni--a swiss alpine goat. I was so excited! My friend, Trudie, who owns the goats, showed me how to milk them. I tried and tried and finally got 1/8 of a teaspoon to come out (it is so much harder than it looks). After several minutes and me only getting a few tablespoons-worth of milk out of Juni, Trudie said--in full humor, "Is that enough to satisfy your dream or do I have to stand here for an hour and watch you milk Juni?" I laughed and let Trudie finish, which took all of five minutes! A few minutes after that, we were sitting down to breakfast with fresh, raw goat's milk. It was delicious! Below is a self-portrait of me and Heidi, the other goat, who loved the camera. I think she wanted to eat it!