Thursday, October 13, 2011

Cleaning & eating greens...what will they do next?

My girls never cease to amaze me. Today, I was cleaning the white board during school and Autumn said, "Let's clean the whole house today, Mommy." I said that we actually were going to clean the bathrooms today. She said, with a lot of enthusiasm, "Yes, Mommy! Thank you so much!" I didn't know cleaning the bathrooms could be so fun.

Last night, Eric was cutting up rainbow chard to steam for a snack. Amber said, "Chard? You're cooking chard? Can I have some, please?" Of course, Eric obliged. As Amber was eating her greens, she said, "I just know this is--like--so healthy for me."

A few days ago I was washing dishes and Amber and Autumn came running into the house. They had been picking up little pieces of trash all over our front and back yard. With excitement, Amber said, "Mom, we have the best idea! We want to go around the neighborhood and pick up all of the trash we see on the sidewalk. Can we do that this Saturday, please? We don't have school Saturday." Eric actually took them out that evening, after dinner. They walked a few blocks and only found an aluminum can. They had a great time anyway.


Michele said...

Wow, these girls need to travel on over to my house... :-)

Ruth said...

ah...girls after my own heart! Good job mom and dad!

Jeff Frazee said...

There's not much better in this world than happy girls, and you've got two. Praise God!
If their hunger for trash pick-up goes unsatisfied we'd love to have them over! Miss you guys!