Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Berries for Books.

This evening an adorable college student from the Czech Republic came to our door selling books. Now I don't like buying food or magazine subscriptions from door-to-door salespeople, but I can definitely get into books. I love books! These were more like really cool textbooks. We liked the science series, and I thought it would be a great investment for our homeschooling this year, to use as curriculum. Autumn was definitely into these books, as well, and so Eric decided that if we all wanted them, the girls had to contribute $5 each. They agreed. Sold!

One way the girls earn extra money is by picking wild blackberries and selling them to Steve at Farmer & the Cook. So, we all set out this evening to pick berries. We were having a great time, but the patch of berries I was in front of was slim pickins. I had more cuts than berries in my bucket, so I took my dozen berries and headed to where Eric and the girls were. Crossing over a big log, I decided to sit down to retrieve a sticker from my shoe. I'm glad I did because as I sat down, the log gave way and I was tossed from my seat. Imagine if I was standing on it! Anyway, as I was tossed off of the log, so were the few berries I had in my possession. They went flying, and I was left with an empty bucket! Amber had a similar problem, tripping over a vine and spilling half of her berries! Oh well, at least it made for a good story.

While we were picking, a man walked by and scolded Autumn for getting too close to the berry bushes. He said, "Honey, watch out, those are berry bushes and you could scratch yourself."

I said, "That's what we're here for; to pick berries," and then he went into an intense tirade about how he crashed his mountain bike into a berry bush when he was 17 and got all scratched up." When he was out of ear-shot, we all had a good laugh...not at him or his story, but at how intense he was!

When we could no longer see in front of us, we decided to head on over to catch the end of Music in the Park. It was such a fun evening!

In the end, we were too late to go to Farmer & the Cook, so I decided to buy the berries from the girls for $5. Now all they have to do is sell another $5 worth and they will have paid for their portion of the books.

Berries for Books. Sounds like a good idea to me!

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