Thursday, July 14, 2011

Teeth, Fish, Chickens, Horses

I would love to accompany these little posts with pictures, but my computer has been down for weeks and I don't have the energy to try to figure out how to get my photos on Eric's laptop. Someday I will add pictures (they are adorable). Meanwhile...

Lost Tooth

Autumn lost her tooth last week and got a dollar from the Tooth Fairy, along with a coin from Mexico. Autumn's & Amber's Tooth Fairy is a world traveler. Along with putting the tooth under her pillow, Autumn put a note that read, "What is your name?" The next morning, along with the dollar and peso, the Tooth Fairy replied with a tiny answer. Her name is TRIXIE.

Spearfishing Tourney

Sunday, Eric got 2nd place in the annual Blue Water Hunter Spearfishing Tournament. He weighed in an 8-pound white sea bass and two little calico bass. The fish weren't very big this year, but Eric managed to place in the tourney and received a plaque and a gift certificate. Eric has won this competition several times over the years and so I am running out of wall space for the plaques. I am so proud of him! 

Baby Chicks

We are the proud owners of five baby chickens. They were born in Ojai on the 4th of July. We traded our friends sea bass for chickies. They are adorable! They are in a box in our home, and we are going to trade car repair for a chicken coop to be built in our back yard. We are looking forward to fresh eggs daily. In the meantime, we are enjoying watching them through the plexiglass window on the box. Autumn especially loves the chicks and she sits in front of the box hourly and talks to them in a cute, high-pitched voice. We've named a few of them so far: Sparkles, Rainbow, Smokey... But I am sure the names will change over the months until they are full grown and the titles stick.

Horse Camp

Tomorrow is Amber's last day at Horse Camp. She has thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it and has gotten to ride the horses every day. Along with learning about horses and how to ride them and groom them, the kids have studied the Fruit of the Spirit through Bible stories, songs, crafts and skits. While Amber has been gone five hours each day, Autumn and I have been making cards, cooking, reading and snuggling.

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