Sunday, July 3, 2011


Flies, not Dalmatians.

Believe it or not, today I killed 101 flies in my house. No joke. No exaggeration. I am sorry if I've grossed you out. Some of you may never want to set foot inside our house again. But they're all dead, so you can rest easy the next time you stop by for a cup of coffee.

How did I kill them? Why so many? How did I keep count?

Well, I think they must have hatched in the window frame because I found them all over the window. They were regular-sized ones, but they were the slowest, stupidest flies I have ever killed. All I had to do was capture them in a kleenix, several kleenixes. That's it. So, I killed them and sprayed my homemade, natural bug spray all over the window frames.

I started keeping count after the first ten. Our friend who had stopped by said, "I don't know what is more disturbing: that many flies in the house or the fact that you kept count." Ha ha ha!

But seriously, have any of you ever encountered that many flies in one place at one time? Just wondering...

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ATSmith said...

definitely not that many but have encountered those dumb, slow flies. kind of comical how slow they are.