Friday, May 27, 2011

School Project #4: Calendar Collages

We did this project today with recycled materials. I had two calendars that I never used (you know, the free ones that you get in the mail). I also had these huge manila envelopes that a friend gave me. The result: Calendar Collages.

All you need is scissors, a glue stick, an old calendar or magazine and a large sheet of paper. (We used the envelopes because they were free!)

The finished project! The girls actually spent about an hour on this because they talked to each other about the animals and asked me questions, such as, "Do mountain lions eat cheetahs?" or "What animal eats a turtle?"

The girls said they were going to use the envelopes to put cards and drawing inside. But if you just used paper, you could tape the finished product to a wall or hang them on the fridge.

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