Friday, May 27, 2011

School Project #3: Bead Caterpillars

For the month of May, we studied caterpillars. It all started when Amber brought home a black, fuzzy caterpillar and he became out class pet/project. We researched and found out what kind of caterpillar we had (see pics at the bottom). Then we watched time-lapsed videos of caterpillars forming cocoons or chrysalis and becoming moths or butterflies. To end our series, we made Bead Caterpillars. It was so easy...

Step 1: Gather pipe cleaners and beads with large holes (plastic &/or wooden). Have your kids thread 5 or so beads onto a pipe cleaner. Leave 2 to 3 inches of pipe cleaner at the top for the antennae.

Step 2: To make the antennae, fold the pipe cleaner at the top into a heart shape and tuck the end of the heart into the top bead. For the large caterpillar, weave the remaining pipe cleaner around each bead and tuck the end around the first bead. For the small caterpillar, cut off most of the remaining pipe cleaner and tuck the end into the 4th bead.

The girls have had so much fun playing with these. They carry them in their purses and take them everywhere.

Here's "Spikey," the caterpillar that Amber found. He is a "Giant Leopard Moth" caterpillar and he will be black and white when he emerges from his cocoon. We were able to watch him as he ate through leaves. It was so cool! (Yes, those are his little poops.)

"Spikey" grew out of his little container into a nicer, bigger home. He has stopped eating, and from our research, that means he is an adult now and is getting ready to make a cocoon. We are hoping that we will get to see him become a moth.

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Shae said...

These are some cute little crafts to do with kids. Very great ideas!!! I will definitely tell my sis about them and see if my nephews would like to do some crafts. :) Thanks!