Friday, May 27, 2011

School Project #2: Bird Nests

For the month of April, we studied birds and bird nests. We checked out a cool book from the library that showed different birds and how each one makes a nest. It was also a book Amber used for reading. Then we watched a nature video that showed birds making nests. I also found an empty nest on my walk one morning, and we brought it into the class room to study how it was made. To conclude our series on birds, we made nests of our own. Here's how we did it:

Step 1: Go on a nature walk (we like nature walks) and gather long blades of grass, twigs, sticks, leaves.
Step 2: Tape the ends of 5 or so long twigs to a 8x10 sheet of paper and weave other sticks through the twigs. 

You can weave branches with leaves attached.

Step 3: When the weaving is finished, carefully cut the ends of the woven "nest" off of the paper.

Step 4: Using school or tacky glue, attach the "nest" to a big leaf. You also can add more leaves to fill in the gaps.  

Step 5: Let dry and display them in the classroom.

We were blessed to have a blue jay build a nest outside, right by my office window. We had a "bird's eye" view of the mama and papa taking turns sitting on the nest and then feeding the baby birds when they hatched. We even saw a baby fly the coop!

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