Friday, May 27, 2011

School Project #1: Pressed Flower Bookmarks

It's a little late in the school year to be posting ideas for homeschool moms, but you can always use these ideas for this summer or next fall. And you don't have to homeschool to do these fun things with your kiddos. So, here's the first of many projects I am finally posting on my blog. We made these Pressed Flower Bookmarks in early April, when the flowers were in full bloom. It was fun to show Amber & Autumn how to press and preserve flowers, similar to how they did it in the "olden days."

Step 1: Go on a nature walk and find flowers (pick flowers from your own garden or ask a neighbor if you can pick a few of theirs).

Step 2: place flowers between two sheets of wax paper.

Step 3: Put wax paper between a book and place several heavy books on top (finally I have a good use for these hundred-year-old Bible concordances from my grandpa).

Step 4: Wait a day or two and remove the flowers from the books.

Step 5: Arrange flowers between laminater sheets (or use contact paper).

Step 6: Laminate the flowers (or use contact paper). I got this "Purple Cows" laminater with 100 laminating sheets at Costco for $20.

Step 7: The finished project. These make great family gifts. We gave one to our neighbor as a thank you for letting us pick his flowers.