Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Baby Rattler

Disclaimer: Michaela, you may not want to read this.

Two weeks ago I helped my neighbor kill a huge rattlesnake near our driveway. (read about it here) About 30 minutes ago, a family on their twilight walk found a baby rattlesnake in the street near our house and asked to borrow a shovel. The man tried to chop its head off, but missed and hit the tail. That made the baby rattler mad! I said, "I'll go get my car and run it over like I did before." I went to get my car, but then we saw a lady in a big SUV, flagged her down and asked her to run it over. "Pop" went the snake and the man chopped his head off to seal the deal. Two snakes in two weeks! Yikes! Summer is a-comin' and we better keep our eyes wide open and our shovels and car keys nearby!

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mandrews said...

The snakes are out in huge numbers this year. Call the fire dept next time. They will pick it up and relocate it...