Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I've been wanting to post these pictures for a few months--better late than never. Here's what my family has been up to lately:

We discovered early on that Amber was naturally good at drawing and art. In January, she started taking weekly art lessons from our friend, Rie. Amber made me a really cool valentine with a drawn sketch of her and her sister. It was quite good. We're running out of space to hang her art!

Autumn fell in love with bicycle riding a few months ago. She can't get enough of it. Now she does tricks on her bike. She's a better bike rider than the rest of us! We may have a new "Corey Coffey" on our hands.

Last month, Amber watched some ladies hula hoop at a restaurant. She tried it, loved it, and then saved her money and bought a nice hula hoop that lights up. For weeks, that's all she did . She is quite good at the sport.

Eric's hair is now long enough to go into a pony tail. I love it!

Eric and I recently perfected a recipe for laundry detergent using melted bars of the glycerin soap we make. It is going to save us so much money.

We're going even greener than were: using cloth napkins now. Last week we ran out of paper napkins, then paper towels. I was in bed for days, so I couldn't go to the store and the girls started using dish towels for napkins. Amber said, "We should do this from now on and save on paper and save money, too." (That's my girl!) I remembered being gifted two sets of cloth napkins and then I found another set I had bought on clearance. Now we have 22 cloth napkins and we save about $6 a month. We also save another $10 or so a month because I got down to using only 2 rolls of paper towels each month. We have lots of hand towels and I decided to stop reaching for the paper towels every time I need to wipe up something.

That's what we've been up lately.

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Michele said...

Love all the pictures and updates, things are never dull with those girls, they are precious.

I would be interested in your laundry soap recipe and if you think it gets your clothes as clean as you'd like (I've read some reviews and that seemed to be the biggest complaint).

I started cutting our paper towel rolls in half to make them last longer and our dryer sheets. I like the cloth napkins idea.