Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hodge Humor

Lately my daughters have been saying some funny and adorable things. (The best one is at the bottom--pun intended)

Amber said to me: "I love laughing around you, because you are so joyful." (3-13-11)

Amber and Autumn were in the tub taking a bath and Amber said, "Come here, Mom... Autumn gave her heart to Jesus. I showed her how."
I said, "I don't know if she really understands what that means."
Amber said, "Well, she said everything I told her to say. And I showed her how to get baptized. Watch..."
Autumn held her nose and went under the water.
Amber said, "See, now she knows how to be baptized when she wants to." (3-13-11)

I was talking to Eric about how I never have any cash in my purse and I have to use my debit card a lot. Amber--in her usual generous way--said, "I have 93 cents you can have." (3-22-11)

We were looking at pictures in school and Autumn said, "That's a hair balloon." (hot air balloon) (3-23-11)

I was showing Amber my new essential oils and she smelled one and said, "I don't like euca lipstick." (eucalyptus) (3-27-11)

We were talking about food and nutrition and Amber said, "McDonalds and places like that are the worst places to eat."
Then she continued, "Also the place with the clown."
I said, "Jack-in-the-Box?"
She said yes and said, "And the king's crown place."
I said, "Burger King?" She said yes.
I think it's awesome that my girls don't even know the names of some of the fast food restaurants. (3-23-11)

This one is my favorite.It happened today: Background: The other day Amber informed me that out butts are also called our bums (as if I didn't know). I informed her that a bum is also a negative name for someone who doesn't work. Amber informed me that another name for a person who doesn't work is a "hobo." (I have no idea where she comes up with these things.)
So, this morning I was putting on my jeans and snagged my fingernail and said, "Ouch."
Autumn said, "Did you hurt your hobo?"
I said, "My what?"
She said, "Your hobo. You know, your hobo is your butt." (4-6-11)

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