Thursday, March 17, 2011

Green Week

St. Patrick's Day-themed Young Life was at our house on Monday night, complete with "pass the buttered hot potato" (a real one) and decorate the leprechaun (pictured above).

One of the older homeschool girls taught Amber how to crochet on Tuesday. Amber bought this fun, green yarn at a yard sale and made belts and hair ties all week. Amber has caught on quickly and will have another "lesson" next Tuesday!

Our family is "going green" by doing more bicycling. A few months ago Autumn fell in love with bike riding and a few days ago Eric bought a bike. Now we are looking for a bike for Christine.

Traditional "Green Eggs and Ham" (or sausage this year) and green milk for breakfast. The little leprechaun helps mommy make green food every year on March 17. This year, Autumn said, "He's not real!" as if we all didn't know that!

Amber picked out these matching green shirts at a thrift store on Tuesday. She couldn't wait to wear them today! Aren't they cuties?!!!

St. Patrick's Day fun with leftover shaving cream from Monday night. It was a fun, fun day!!
Happy St. Patrick's Day and "Top of the Evening" to you!


heidibelle said...

I'm so glad you are getting bikes. We are so happy to have ours that we got in France. We are just waiting for Harley to start riding, then we can all go out together. (We took off her training wheels.) And Jethro and Zach have seats on Jeff's and my bikes.

Michele said...

I would love to bike more, but we are not in the best area for that. I hope you find one soon! Looks like you had a good day yesterday, love the green shirts!

rachel neil said...

I homeschool my daughter for a few years because she was physically bullied by a boy in her french school.
She's decided to go to another school and she does very well with her studies.