Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Artful Creation Station

Well, I managed to find something else to organize. I'm sure that doesn't surprise those of you who know me well. But this time I roped the girls into helping me. As the girls have gotten older and become more creative, we've added a lot to their craft supplies. However, as we added a little here and there, we just put in in different places in the house where it would fit. Some supplies were put in the hall closet, some in the homeschool desk, some in my office, some in their room. The other day as I listened to a podcast on my morning walk, I was inspired by what the speaker had to say. It was only one sentence in her speech and it had little to do with her message, but the organization guru inside me heard that one little sentence and the wheels started turning. I got home and--after school--we gathered all the craft/art supplies, found a plastic 3-drawer container in the girls' room that was almost empty, hunted around the house for unused baskets and bins, and put together what Amber named "The Artful Creation Station." Now the girls have all their craft supplies in one location, in the dining room. What I love about this project is that we didn't spend any money on storage containers. We used what we had on hand. We also picked out pictures on the computer and made labels for each drawer, showing what is inside them. This all happened yesterday, and since then the girls have made numerous creations. To top it all off, I now have an empty drawer in my office and more shelf space in the hall fill with my scrapbooking supplies, of course! But I'll save that project for another day. Enjoy the pictures, and be inspired!

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Michele said...

What a great idea! I think your girls got your organizing and creating gene.