Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Lemons for sale

I can never be accused of just putting in my blog all of the positive, cute little things my children do. Here's proof:

A few minutes ago, Amber and Autumn came in from playing out front. Amber, my little entrepreneur, was telling me what she and her sister did outside.

"We tried to sell some lemons today, but no one wanted to buy them," Amber said.

"Where did you get the lemons to sell?" I asked.

"Well, Autumn picked some of our neighbor's lemons and we tried to sell them."


Michele said...

Maybe not positive, but certainly still cute. :-) I'm sure they meant to give your neighbor a cut....

ruthbrooks said...

I miss seeing you, Christine!! I enjoyed your cute story about the, childhood innocence! So sweet!
I haven't made it to park day on Tuesday, except for a couple times around 4:15, on my way home from tennis lessons/piano lessons drop off! I'm so glad that it's meeting a need (probably many needs), and feel like that's a definite answer to prayer! Hope all is well! I'd love to get coffee sometime and catch up!

alex brown said...

aww thats adorable young children are always so fun to talk to

Medical Mission 2011 said...

What a cute story! This brightened my day!