Sunday, October 10, 2010

School Project

As part of "Science/Nature/Art," Amber and I have been working on a really neat project. During school, we've been going on Nature Walks--mostly on the Ojai Meadows Preserve trails next to Nordhoff. The goal was to find nature items (treasures, as Amber calls them) to use in making doll furniture. After several Nature Walks, we got down to the business of building doll house rooms out of cardboard boxes and only the items found on our walks. We just completed the project and I thought you'd like a peek at the finished product. Amber's creativity really shone in this project. She did all the designing; I just used the glue gun. Autumn made one house, too. It was a really fun project!

The treasures.

The baby/big sister room.

The baby and big sister.

Big sister changing baby's diaper.

The living room.

Amber proud of her work.

Autumn's room.

Autumn made the room for her ponies.

The kitchen.

The biggest sister's bedroom.

The stable.

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Kirk said...


Cool project.

You sent me here from your mom's email prayer request. We are ministers at the University of New Mexico, and have known her for quite some time--what an amazing mom you have. We'll be praying for her recovery.

My wife homeschools our kids, so we're looking forward to following your blog!

Have a great night,