Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Hodge Lodge Funnies

When the girls say something funny or something out of the ordinary happens, I quickly jot it down on a small piece of paper. I had quite a stack building and so I thought I'd put them on my blog before the papers end falling behind my desk never to be seen again.

July 2010:

Autumn was pretending to read her new children's Bible. One chapter was about ice cream. Another chapter was about putting on shoes and going to the fair. Then Autumn said, "Chapter 4 is not amazing."

August 2010:

Eric and his friend--who has equally long hair and also wears a beanie cap a lot--were listening to Bob Marley when a young girl on a scavenger hunt came to our door. After asking for her items, she asked them in a valley girl voice, "Are you, like, Reggae?"

Amber said this after weeks of Autumn--on purpose--not responding to Amber's orders and instead ignoring her: "Mom, I think there's something wrong with Autumn's hearing."

My 13-year-old niece, Rachel, said this on her visit after I mentioned that I was 40: "I thought you were 28. Seriously, you don't act that old, your personality, I mean. You act so young." She also said we were the best relatives.
After she said these things, I gave her my car and told her she could come live with us if she wanted!

September 2010:

Amber is learning about the United States in school. She calls Louisiana: "A-loozy-anna."

One day I was complimenting Amber on her new blue hair clips. She said, "I think it's called awkward marine." (Aqua marine)

October 2010:

When Eric was cleaning a lobster that he had just got on a dive trip, Autumn said, "I want to see the lobster poop."

Even more disturbing...When Amber goes out on the boat with Eric, she likes to hold the beating heart of the fish in her hands after Eric has gutted it.

And...Today in church I was helping in Amber's class. The teacher (Jan) said that Moses was a shepherd for 40 years. Amber's hand shot up and she blurted out, "That's how old my mom is!"

Well, I am 40 for a few more hours anyway...

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