Thursday, August 5, 2010

Tha Canadian Cousins

Sounds like the title of a western novel, doesn't it?

A few weeks ago, we had cousin Sarah visit us. She lived in Canada until a month ago when they moved to Las Vegas. Sarah is the daughter of Eric's oldest sister, Sonja. Sarah is 10, and she and the girls got along great together. We all had a wonderful weekend. We made jewelry, crafts, swam in our neighbor's pool, had a tea party and--of course--Uncle Eric took all the girls on a boat trip the the islands.

Today, and through the weekend, we are having fun with the other Canadian cousins, Pieter and Rachel. They live in Alberta and belong to Eric's other sister, Amy. Pieter is 14 and Rachel is 12. Right now, Pieter is helping his Uncle Eric made soap and Rachel is braiding the girls' hair. They've only been at our home a few hours, and Rachel wants to move here! Pieter is anxiously looking forward to tomorrow, when Uncle Eric takes all the cousins on a boat trip to the islands. Here are a few pictures.

Amber & Sarah showing some strong Hodge genes.
Their baby pictures look very similar!

The Hodge girls!

Having fun with Eric!

Rachel & the girls.

Autumn is representing the brunettes of the world.

Pieter, Rachel, Amber & Autumn.

Quite a height difference.

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