Tuesday, August 31, 2010


The computer I currently have--the one I am using to type this blog post--is on its way out the door. The USB port doesn't work. The disc drives do not work. It's slow. I can't make photo cds or upload songs to my ipod. I can't open half of the documents people email me. So, it was time to upgrade.

My new(er) computer arrived today. It is sitting on the floor in the middle of my office. I am staring at it. I am wishing I could just click my heels or wriggle my nose or wave my daughter's magic wand or snap my fingers and all of the documents and photos and videos on this current computer would transfer to my new one...and my new computer would be in it's perfect place under my desk...and the dust mites that are currently occupying that space would be vacuumed up...and I could sit down and browse iTunes or upload photos or...

I guess if I keep on wishing the job will never be done and my new computer will still be in its place in the middle of the room.


Anyone know a good computer geek fairy?


Ryan said...

If I get some time tomorrow afternoon I'll give you a call.

Christine H. said...

Cool, thanks!