Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Gotta love a bargain!

I got the most amazing deals at the "Second Helpings Thrift Store" in Ojai today...

Cressi-Sub fins, my size, like new, $3
O'Neill full wet suit, Amber's size, like new, $5
Nike and TYR goggles for the girls, $2.50 each
TYR swimsuit for me, like new, $3.50 (these swimsuits range from $60 to $125)
SwissGear briefcase/bag for Eric, like new, $1.50
Canvas print for the girls room, really unique, 50 cents
2 flower-print square dessert plates, 75 cents each
2 tall drinking glasses, like new, 50 cents each

I love a bargain! I think I might go there again tomorrow and see if I missed anything! He he!!


Michele said...

So did you head back today? :-) I've got to start haunting our thrift stores here, you've inspired me!

Christine H. said...

No, I didn't go back today. I wanted to because there was a pair of good kids' fins and Eric said to get them. Maybe tomorrow. My problem is that I don't like to go with the girls because they always want the toys they don't need. So I go by myself. : )