Wednesday, July 14, 2010


The land line phone rang a lot tonight. For Eric.
When the phone was finally not in use, I went to call a friend. Then the phone rang. I waited and waited for Eric to get off the phone and Amber said, "Mom, you can use the other phone." I thought she was talking about the cell phone, but she pointed to the other land line receiver.

I said, "Amber, I can’t use that phone when Daddy is on the other one. They’re the same line."

She said, "Oh that’s right because when you’re on the phone I get the other phone out of the office and listen to what you are saying."

I was shocked and after I stopped smiling, I said, "When do you do that?"

"Last month I did," she said.

"Amber, you shouldn’t do that," I said, almost laughing. I couldn’t be as strict as I wanted to because I thought the whole thing was rather funny. She is growing smarter and more clever each day.

She reassured me by saying, "Don’t worry mom, I never tell anyone what you say."

I was finally serious and said, "That doesn’t matter, Amber. You should never listen in on a phone conversation."

"I forget what you say right afterward anyway," she said.

I don’t reveal my innermost secrets on the phone, however I still I hoped her last statement was true!


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Jeff Frazee said...

I can totally picture that whole conversation. It is interesting how there are some characteristics of a parent child relationship that never change. I'm glad we know you guys so well that the next time we hang out together it will all be so familiar. Love ya.