Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Backyard Treasures!

Lately, we've found a lot of things in our backyard. Some of them are treasures, like the two plastic Easter eggs I found today and yesterday. Each had a dime and some stickers in the eggs (no candy) and were leftover from our Easter egg hunt in April! The girls enjoyed those treats!

Definitely not a treasure, Autumn found a bloody, dying rat on the backyard path. Eric finished him off and buried him.

The best treasure of all, in my opinion, was found today by Amber. She came running in the house to tell me that she saw a snake in the bushes by the back fence. Of course, I didn't believe her 100 percent and thought it was just the tail of a lizard that she had spotted. Upon further inspection I did see a tail--a long, skinny, orange tail and it was attached to a long snake. We watched in stillness and the snake turned around an let us have a full view of her! She was actually checking us out! She was beautiful! I think she was either a garter snake or even a corn snake. She was very long with a black head and an orange body that got deeper orange toward her tail. I just spend several minutes on Google and Wikipedia but didn't find an exact match. I tried to catch her but she was fast! I thought it would be really neat to have another pet snake, like we did seven years ago. Well, maybe we'll see her again tomorrow. She may be living in our backyard, eating the mice. That is good! But she also may be eating the lizards and frogs, and I like having those creatures around.

One last backyard treasure we've been enjoying lately is the new family of blue jays who are quite used to us now. They should be--the baby birds hatched in a nest right outside my office window. We've watched them fly for the first time and find food. They let us get close to them to throw them a crust of bread every once in awhile. It is really fun having them as our "pets." Maybe we should name them.

Being a former "big city girl," I am really enjoying all of this nature right out my back door.

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Jeff Frazee said...

Here's hoping it's not an egg eating snake.