Monday, June 21, 2010

Camp Highlights

Last week Eric and I helped take a bunch of Ojai teens to a Young Life Camp in the Sierras. The week was awesome! I laughed a lot, cried a lot, talked a lot, listened a lot, walked a lot, got covered in mud, got a pie smashed in my face, climbed a 60-foot tower, got bit by a dozen mosquitoes, danced, swam, played frisbee golf, fell up a hill, counted the bruises on my body, sang silly songs at the top of my lungs, drove a sand-rail around a dusty track, dressed up in numerous costumes, made bracelets, stayed up past midnight every night, drank a lot of coffee and had the best week of my life AGAIN!

The Ojai girls!
  Climbing the 60-foot tower!


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Michele said...

I love seeing how much fun you have with these kids each year. You are awesome Christine!