Monday, May 10, 2010

Woodleaf Family Ministry Getaway

It's been more than a week since we returned from Woodleaf, and I am finally sitting down to record some of the highlights of our 10-day stay in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. This is the second year we've gone to Woodleaf, a Young Life camp, so that Eric could help the camp mechanic service and repair camp and staff vehicles. In exchange for Eric's help, we get to stay on this beautiful campus free of charge. This year, we got to stay in a home that is 100-years-old! That was fun!
While at Woodleaf, we went on walks in the woods by ourselves (me), went on walks as a family, fixed cars (Eric), homeschooled, petted horses, picnicked by the lake, picnicked on the porch, painted (the girls), fed the birds, fed the fish, took lots of pictures, found an elf, had dinner at the Gardners, had lunch at the Greshams, had dinner at the Gardners again, had lunch at the Hagenbuchs, went on a muddy walk with Becca (me), slept in, babysat the Gardner kids, went on a date (Eric & I), made a lot of crafts, went to a Ladies' Bible study, raided the Lost-N-Found, cleaned and organized the Falck House kitchen, went hot-tubing, ate ice cream at the Sugar Barrel, had a fish fry with Eric's sea bass, strengthened relationships, made dandelion wishes, stopped to smell the flowers, saw six baby goslings, saw dozens of geese, helped build a fence, built a fort in the living room, watched it rain, watched it hail, WATCHED MY GIRLS DANCE IN THE FALLING SNOW!

The 100-year-old Falck House front porch
(I failed to get a pic of the whole house!)

Dancing in the snow.

The girls.

Amber took this adorable picture!

Daddy & his girls by the lake.


Michele said...

I want to hear more about the elf you found... :-)

Christine H. said...

Wow, you read my blog in detail & didn't miss that. There's this little bridge over a creek with a storage box that looks like a house, next to the dining hall. We walked by it one day & I said, "Maybe there's an elf living in there." I was just kidding & the girls & I started pretending that it was true. We walked back to the house and I got this idea to surprise them. I quickly made an "elf" out of a water bottle & the craft supplies I brought. Then, I stashed it in Eric's jacket, and when he walked back over to the auto shop after lunch, he snuck and put the elf in the "house." After nap, I said, "Let's go check on the elf, and they were thrilled to find him inside the house! Amber thanked me for doing that and I was reminded of just how much fun it is to be a mom. I emailed you pictures of the elf.