Saturday, May 29, 2010

Free Day

Yesterday was the first day in two weeks that I really felt good, so I ventured out into the "big" city of Ojai to run some errands. I went to my favorite store in town, "Second Helpings Thrift Shop," and scored some great deals on clothes and accessories that we need to take to Woodleaf in two weeks. While I was there, I saw my friend Jennel, and gave her a ride home because she doesn't drive. As we pulled into her driveway, she pointed out the five large bags of clothes that were sitting on her porch. Her sister, who happens to be my size, did some spring cleaning and was more than happy to pass her clothes on to me! If I hadn't given Jennel a ride home, I would have missed out on a sweet deal! I couldn't wait to go home and try on the clothes. I found the cutest tops and jeans and shorts and sweats. They were in such good condition, too. There were far too many clothes for me, and so I passed some of the bags on to a friend so she could have a new wardrobe, too! Then I did some spring cleaning of my own.

Later I took my girls on a walk and one of my neighbors had a bunch of things on her porch to give away. More spring cleaning and more free stuff for me! I only took what I would use:

* a set of oars, which comes in handy since we broke an oar at Catalina Island last year.
* a wooden folding chair--I have been looking for nice folding chairs for years because we entertain so much.
* a Rubbermaid set of drawers on wheels--next week I was going to buy a plastic bin to store costumes for Young Life and this is even better!
* a wet suit to loan (give) to the next high school student who wants to go surfing with Eric.
* a chalkboard for the girls to use outside.
* and a plastic sword to replace my pirate sword that Amber broke last year (my Jack Sparrow costume is complete again!)

This just goes to show you that if you wait long enough, you don't have to pay for anything, and that includes food. To end our "free day," we ate out at Farmer & The Cook gratis because Eric fixed the owner's car door and he was paid with a gift certificate.

I've said it once and I'll say it again, "If it's free, it's for me!"

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