Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Best Mother's Day YET.

Today was a wonderful Mother's Day. I could go on and on about how my family spoiled me...actually I will go on and on. It started with flowers from my husband last night, then this morning Amber & Autumn let us sleep in until 8:00. When I awoke and stumbled into the hallway, I almost collided with Amber, who was carrying a plate of food to my room. Breakfast in bed included bread, a banana and yogurt--with a sweet hand-written note from Amber.

Then I got to open my hand-made cards from the girls; the cards that they made on their own with no help from dad. These girls may have a future in card-making! Autumn gave me a trinket box she made in preschool and Amber gave me a home-made necklace and also lotion & lip balm (from her own stash). Eric also made me a card, with photos of me that he cut out in the shape of hearts! After church the girls presented me with more goodies: colored pictures, and Amber brought in a beautiful bouquet of flowers from our garden.

After lunch, we went to the matinee showing of "Disney's Oceans" and sat with friends who joined us at the park afterward. Then we returned back home for a game of Sorry and dinner cooked by Eric--white sea bass!

As I sat on the living room carpet and Amber rubbed my feet (I am not making this up), I said, "This is the best Mother's Day ever!" Amber stopped rubbing my feet and said, "I say this is the best Mother's Day yet, because next year will be even better!" With a family like mine, I'm sure she's right.

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Michele said...

You are one lucky mama!!!